The Weeping Tree

The Weeping Tree – A Good Friday Service by Joseph Martin. Performed by the Choir of Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church, Sherwood, AR. Good Friday, April 18, 2014

Why Have a Good Friday Service

This coming Friday is Good Friday. The day we Christians remember the death and burial of our Lord, it is “The Passion” of our Christ. We remember his death, his suffering, and his cross. Here at Sylvan Hills we will mark this day with a time of worship and remembrance. We will gather together to…

Meetings Get a Bad Rap

I don’t love meetings. But I love what a properly executed meeting can accomplish. Meetings in churches usually get a bad rap. And in many instances, it is justified. Many, many meetings are simply unnecessary. But when you wish to accomplish common goals in a common way, with a community, some amount of meetings are…

Should I Have Burdens

I’ve got a little project going with a couple of my buddies to record some original material. This is our first effort. Here’s the “latest single” from “McClung, Byrd and Reed.” (well, we’re sticking with that name until we can come up with a better one.  

The Sins of Modern Worshipers

I was recently thumbing through one of my old seminary texts on worship and ran across a passage that seemed to be timeless in it’s warnings about some of the sins we worshipers of Jesus sometimes commit. In his book, Jubilate II: Church Music in Worship and Renewal, Donald P. Hustad lists four of the…